Process & Governance

Maximizing synergies through the integration of portfolios, projects and resources

Demand + PPM + resource process

Here, our focus is on the transition of existing demand management and PPM processes into a single integrated process for all business initiatives – a process that incorporates the essential dimensions of time, scope, budget and resources. The resource request and approval process must be independent of the project management methodology. This means that in times of heterogeneous project portfolios it need not matter if an initiative is executed agile, hybrid, or waterfall or across the line. However, one constraint applies to all: Only approve initiatives that have been classified as feasible in advance.

Synergy of the integrated process

The supreme discipline of demand management

To avoid inefficiencies, companies must integrate their resource planning into their demand management or ideation in order to process only those initiatives that are feasible into detailed planning. For companies with 100+ employees, this is not about the detailed assignment of named resources against tasks but starts with generic rough planning through roleassignment (primary/secondary), competence centers or agile teams. The demand management process filters real planning efforts and shows realistic projects – not an unattainable utopia.

Rolling and agile project portfolio

If projects are delayed, it usually has consequences for the overall portfolio. That is because the main dependency of all ongoing initiatives are resources. This means that projects, products and line activities increasingly find themselves competing for the same employees and skills. A feasibility analysis therefore not only represents a one-off instrument for approvals, but also acts as the PPM’s compass in rolling portfolio management at all times.

Valkeen Expertise | Process optimization

Valkeen’s “lean process”: The resource management process should be lean, fully integrated with PPM, readily understandable and adaptable for all stakeholders, and supports all capacity based activities. Our 10-point checklist for a process design includes factors such as the accountability matrix, communication, and a speed check. Our services in process optimization are:

  • Status quo resource and demand process: From request to project to monitoring

  • Requirements & Business case

  • Solution Design: Resource Portfolio Management (RPM)

  • Implementation

  • Change management