Business Case Resource Management

Change, calculation, communication for management buy-in

Change starts at the top

Resource management engagements involve a large number of stakeholders. To be honest, there is probably no change project that affects as many stakeholders as the implementation of resource management, including process, governance and purpose build software solutions to optimize resource utilization. This makes it all the more important to understand top-to-bottom communication within the organization right from the start of the project and as an ongoing task throughout it, and to convince a strong sponsor for your project in order to give the change the necessary tailwind. Hence a resource management business case is needed that speaks clear facts.

Organizational buy-in

If the implementation project for resource management enjoys the commitment of a strong sponsor, that is the first step in the right direction. But it is important to take the whole organization on board as well, because it is the organization’s contribution that will ultimately improve the robustness of data for decision-making. The best approach to this is to solve issues relating to the stakeholders’ daily work and to create additional benefits for them. To put it simply, just make their lives easier. By doing this we can turn those affected into participants in the implementation of the project. We incorporate successful change management practices in our projects such as:

  • Profiling and identification of change agents
  • Change Agents: Tasks, competence and responsibility
  • Advisory Committees (instead of Steering Committee)
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Iterative phase implementation

We want to measure ourselves by the benefits we ultimately achieve for our clients because our goal is to install efficient resource management in your organization. Let us start with your own business case so that we can learn more about your organization’s potential in real terms.

Measurable benefits of resource management with cross-dimensional use of resources

Business Case Deloitte (excerpt) – Optimization

With Deloitte’s IT, we were able to measure a throughput of 55% more projects within the first year after the implementation of an optimized Resource Portfolio Management (RPM). At the same time, we reduced the time-to-market of “fast-tracks” by 70%. For more details of how we achieved these measurable benefits please read our Deloitte case study.

Valkeen Expertise | Management buy-in

RM implementation is much easier with a strong sponsor and is usually more successful than a bottom-up implementation. However, bottom-up implementation can also be successful if, for example, you start a pilot project in a smaller unit (under the radar of the entire organization) from which you can directly reference the benefits already provided.

We will accompany you and your management on your journey through this change, and provide you with all the necessary arguments and support, including:

  • Reference contacts from your industry
  • Qualitative (professional) benefit – for the organization
  • Quantitative benefit – the “Business Case Resource Management”
  • Accompaniment and moderation at CXO and senior management meetings

Valkeen Expertise | Business Case Resource Management

Many companies and decision-makers are not aware of the enormous measurable and financial potential of company-wide resource management. We provide you with a business case based on best practices, in which you need enter only a few of your company-specific figures (such as the number of employees, and averaged capacity) and then simulate the optimization potential by department on a sliding scale. Want to know more?

A 1% increase in the optimization of your resource capacity planning (equivalent to 1.1 hours per employee per month in a company with just 500 employees) leads to freeing up 1,505 man-days, which can be used for more projects. The benchmark for our projects is not 1%, however – it is over 20%.