Resource Planning Line & Project

Data alignment, capacity policy, communication and synergies from a single-source-of-truth

The common conflict: Resource planning for projects and line activities

Most organizations face huge challenges in consolidating their project planning with their line tasks (BAU) in order to obtain robust data for the net availability of resources. Almost as if they are two separate and mutually incompatible belief systems at work. To some extent this is due to the heterogeneity of their fulfillment purposes, such as RUN and CHANGE, as well as to their different timescales. Whereas the project business is often limited in time, line activities are distributed (usually linearly) over the year. For companies that scaling agile, one more measure can be added to the equation – namely velocity. The result can be chaotic, especially in terms of data, and discussions between line organization and projects rarely lead to a successful outcome because of the absence of common parameters.

Benefits of the single-source-of-truth for project and line planning

Line planning requirements are rarely covered by PPM tools

To make matters worse, the usability of line planning for line managers is not adequately captured – if it is at all – in most common PPM systems. The focus there is on project management and Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), while integrated resource request/approval processes and the use of generic demand planning resources are rarely supported. As a result, line activities are managed in “shadow accounting” via Excel, thus maintaining two parallel universes that store data in separate silos and fail to provide a robust basis for decision-making at the portfolio level.

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The (one) resource database

Line and project planning should be homogenized into a single transparent resource pool, which must be capable of mapping a robust net availability for new initiatives in the portfolio. In order to provide a platform for communication and coordination between project and line planning, a single-source-of-truth (SSOT) is vital. Once it is in place, conflicts and aimless discussions are eliminated, and a professional consolidation of the areas can begin. For high user acceptance and data quality, there are clear minimum requirements for an SSOT, which should be independent from the maturity level of resource management and the PPM.

“Having a centralized RMO function correlates to significantly fewer project delays.”

Valkeen Expertise | Resource planning project & line

Not every organizational unit has to plan line activities centrally. However, where bottlenecks and overutilization occur regularly, planning line activities is a “must do”. We support our customers in establishing a reasonable an beneficial homogenization of project and line planning.

We take over the (department-specific) technical conception for a joint process, change management and communication. In addition, we prepare the way to implement tool solutions that do justice to both and create mutual benefits.