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Why we need technology for modern resource planning

Ther are jsut a few tools made for resource management. If it´s up to us – not even a handful. Unfortunately, most of the integrated functionalities of common PPM tools are inadequate or not sufficiently user-friendly to support modern resource management As a result, most corporations are faced with having to manage their resources using what amounts to little more than a complex range of cumbersome tools that are inadequate for the job.

The quick remedy is simple but not particularly efficient: Excel. In large organizations, a huge number of Excel spreadsheets have to be consolidated to underpin the decision-making process, which is extremely time-consuming and seldom reliable.

Shaping the technical environment to suit your own purposes. Not the other way around!

Privately, we use apps/tools to serve specific requirements of our daily lives. However, companies are still struggling when it comes to tools and often strive for the one-size-fits-all solution. But in order to specifically address resource management at enterprise level, we recommend implementing tools that have been developed to address the specific needs of resource management.

“Those 81% who have invested in RM specific technology have seen above average improvements in most RM maturity categories.”

(The State of RM 2022, The Analyst Syndicate)

Where resource planning with Excel and PPM tools ends and Tempus begins

Are you still using Excel for resource planning even though you have a PPM tool? This situation applies to many companies and entails risks and disadvantages:

  • High error susceptibility (formulas, macros, etc.)
  • Consolidation is extremely complex
  • Manual data entry from peripheral systems (e.g. HR)
  • Almost never up to date
  • Not multi-user capable
  • No reporting functions
  • No workflows
  • No simulations etc.

Tempus was developed to mimic Excel’s more intuitive aspects of data entry while holistically integrating the most advanced features of modern resource management.

Where Excel, PPM Tools and MS Project reach their limits in resource management and resource planning
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Best practice tool

Top 6 technologies that a resource management tool should have

We are often asked what the crucial elements for a good resource management tool are. The top 6 technologies that make up modern resource management consist of:

  • Resource planning (project & line) with integrated skill management and role conception

  • Strategic workforce and portfolio capacity planning (prioritization, roadmaps and forecasts)

  • Simulations and what-if analysis

  • Generic resources (role concept) for forecasts

  • Timesheets (project & line)

  • Resource request and approval workflow & Demand Management

Best practices from our clients.

Tempus Resource

Market leader in resource management

Tempus Resource is the market leading tool when in intuitive resource management. Standalone or fully integrated with JIRA, Planview, CanDo, MS-Project, Clarity, ServiceNow and many more.

At the granular level of project and line resource planning, Tempus Resource offers clear structures, a high level of user acceptance and easy handling – and it goes without saying that it comes with fully integrated timesheet capabilites.

At the enterprise level, Tempus consistently manages complex portfolio queries, simulations and forecasts, and roadmaps and dependencies are also organized. Reliable reports & BI dashboards can be created for strategic portfolio management and support decision making on in- and outsourcing strategies. Since 2021, Tempus Resource is also offering an integrated, powerful BI module.

“Tempus Resource provides a resource management solution accessible to the masses.” - Gartner

Developed by resource management experts

At Valkeen we recommend a software solution to our clients that features resource management not just as an add-on, but has instead been developed by experts precisely for this purpose. Like an app, this solution is lean, targeted and highly specialized – and at the same time powerful and integrable.

The tool that has proven to serve best our progressive approach to resource management and has been recognized by Gartner as the “state-of-the-art” tool in resource management is Tempus Resource from ProSymmetry. In August 2022 ProSymmetry’s Tempus Resource has been included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting.

Tempus Resource Gartner Magic Quadrant


Simulation & What-If
Skill Management
BI & Reports
Agile Teams

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