Resource Manager

Training internal resource managers – profile, competencies and tasks

The resource manager

The term “Resource Manager” covers line managers, team leaders and Enterprise Resource Managers (ERMs). At the enterprise level, all these functions may exist in parallel. Resource managers provide the interface between businesses and the most important input factors of today’s economy: people. No one is closer to the resources that execute projects and tasks on a daily basis than resource managers. This increases the importance and the responsibility of this role.

Practitioner and personification of modern best practices

Today’s resource managers are equipped with state-of-the-art best practices and tools that help them to apply standards and practices consistently across enterprises for successful resource management. Depending on processes and governance structures (such as ERM vs. team leader), the tasks, competencies and responsibilities that come under the profile of the resource manager can differ fundamentally. There is currently a strong trend in leading companies to implement resource management either centrally or centrally-decentralized – also known as Resource Management Office (RMO).

Valkeen Expertise | We coach resource managers

We support you build up internal knowledge and expertise. Our coaching includes, among other things, modules on:

“Having a centralized RMO function correlates to significantly fewer project delays.”

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