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Valkeen provides intelligent consulting services for PPM and resource management leaders. The company is based in Switzerland and enjoys global connections.

We support our clients by using expertise drawn from the extensive experience of numerous resource management implementations across a wide range of industries, including financial services, IT, chemicals, healthcare and the automotive sector. Wherever resources and employee capacities are critical factors for a company’s success, we are at home both professionally and technically.

As a consultancy specialized in resource management, our mission is to offer lean but resilient solutions for the efficient utilization of the corporate workforce, in order to bring companies closer to their own enterprise agility.

Our expertise is aimed at C-level management, PPM and resource leaders, and ranges from holistic top-down consulting mandates to selective web training in professional resource management, business agility, digital leadership, process optimization, change management, resource business intelligence and resource-based data analysis.

With over 15 years’ market experience, we set high standards with our mandates and always challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve the best possible results and build professional best practices together.

We take pride in striving to improve the everyday work of our clients and providing our experience to help them achieve their goals.

Our philosophy

In a world dominated by rapid results and swift action, leaders have to cope with hitherto unprecedented levels of decision making. The priorities of daily business and their information needs have shifted to speed and optimum performance as they face the growing need for constant innovation and cutting-edge thinking in the continiousNEXT.

The consulting industry has to adapt to this change too, and its resources should be available when needed digitally or in person at all levels of client maturity.

We at Valkeen believe that the future holds an infinite variety of possibilities, all of which represent opportunities for continuous business success if we follow two basic guidelines: Firstly, that business agility is about people, and secondly that companies are made by people. If you want to transform your business, it is your workforce that transforms it. Always striving to stay on top of the latest trends and requirements, we are constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to achieve the best possible results. We too are transforming.

Partners & Experts

ProSymmetry & Valkeen

Resource management is essential for successful PPM. This is now accepted across many areas of business, but in order to commit to resource management, our clients also need the right technologies to help them fit in. Current PPM tools in that area are outmoded and ineffective, as most of them have their roots in the discipline of project management and scheduling. When we learned about ProSymmetry’s Tempus Resource, we quickly realized that it represented the next generation of resource and portfolio management solutions.

Tempus Resource Partner EU

Since then, we have successfully realized dozens of customer projects, proof-of-concepts (PoC) and successful implementations with companies such as Deloitte, Helvetia, Baker Hughes und Lonza, to name just a few. Valkeen and ProSymmetry represents a partnership that is geared towards the customer, a partnership that works as dynamically and flexibly as our environment demands. Valkeen is ProSymmetry’s European Tempus Resource partner. Our partnership combines the expertise of two progressive companies focusing on resource management and takes pride in gearing itself to the specific requirements of our clients.