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The whole picture – PPM and resource management

Classic project and portfolio management (PPM) now needs to be expanded to include Resource Management. More than anything else, it is the quality of managing scarce resources that help us to either successfully deliver an entire portfolio, or have our projects simply grind to a standstill.

Today almost every company has more projects than capacities available

When we look at Resource Management, we aim high and strive to help our clients to allocate available manpower in the most efficient way possible for the most effective execution of their portfolio projects. The main focus here is to increase throughput through more precise utilization of resources. It is often not a lack of capacity, but a question of overview and sufficient data quality for our clients to perform consistent business success. Transparency is the first step in this direction.

The potential of effective resource planning

Best practice resource management massively increases the planning accuracy of resources in the company and enables full cross-dimensional resource utilization across functions, locations and methodologies. Bottlenecks and skill deficits are anticipated at an early stage and solutions to these are integrated into operational and strategic HR planning on a rolling basis.

The cross-organizational transparency of “single-source-of-truth” resources allows our clients to transform a decentralized organization into a synergistic global system that makes the best use of its capacities and skills.

At the portfolio level, “what-if” scenarios are simulated, and BI reports are generated for strategic decision-making.

All of this in real time, at any time.

Consulting services

Efficient resource management for full workforce potential

Our expertise is aimed at companies that have already embraced resource management or are about to expand their organization and their PPM to include this discipline.

We provide procedural, methodical and technical guidance, regardless of the industry and degree of PPM maturity. Resource management is tangible and is already practiced by many pioneers such as Lonza, Helvetia & Deloitte.

We have accompanied these pioneers and we will also accompany you.