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Future corporations will consist of a digital, core talent base.

The rest will be provided from an independent cloud of temporary and mobile resources.

Resource Management Consulting

Valkeen Expertise & Clients

Our clients’ goals are our top priority. We offer intelligent solutions and consulting services for technical and technology-based resource management and PPM, to optimize enterprise workforce potential and increase resource planning efficiency. Valkeen’s services are aimed at C-level management, PPM and resource managers in the corporate environment and range from holistic top-down consulting mandates to targeted web trainings. We build our expertise together with our clients, who we are allowed to accompany and who trust us.

What is Resource Portfolio Management (RPM)

When we talk about resource management, we mean Resource Portfolio Management (RPM). Or – the most efficient allocation of our workforce for the most effective execution of our portfolio projects. RPM allows for optimal, cross-functional use of resources and supports resource and project decisions through Resource Business Intelligence (Simulation, What-if, Dashboards) – in real time, at any time.

Business Agility is a product of RPM

Business agility means much more than agile (scaled) project execution. It enables innovation, adaptability and transformation in a rapidly changing world. Hence, if a company is responsive, it ultimately means that the people in the company and their efficient methods are. In order to transform an entire business, you need to create transparency over its core – the workforce and the resource pool (…)

Business Agility is more than agile execution.

Business Agility is more than agile execution.

Capacity planning = The new capital budgeting

Digitalization has pushed an exponentially increasing number of initiatives and projects into the wide end of the yearly PPM funnel. Budgets are limited, but resources, capacities and skills even more so.

Portfolio management, with its origin in financial theory, once represented the most efficient allocation of budgets and resources, and could be matched to the individual corporate appetites for risk. But why is it that budgets are commonly known, whereas the vibrant potential of your resources´ skills and their capacities remains mainly in the unknown? Why is it that dealing with resources is so much harder than dealing with budgets? The answer is that resources have so much more dimensions than a simple currency value, that we must take into account for sustainable business value. In addition to that, companies who have a low resource management maturity and use the wrong tools for resource planning, will more likely be overpassed by their competitors.

Tempus Resource

Double your projects
Optimize your planning accuracy
Manage 50 or 50.000+ resources

The resource management tool

Tools and resource-based business intelligence play a central role in resource planning and execution, since the scope and complexity can no longer be managed in Excel. Today, precise capacity planning, simulation and forecasting must be supported by software. And once set up correctly, there are endless possibilities for a next generation enterprise resource management.

Valkeen recommends

Our clients have stopped managing resources in Excel, cumbersome PPM tools or supposed all-rounders. The tool that has convinced our clients and us for years, and has been repeatedly recognized by Gartner as the state-of-the-art tool in resource management, is Tempus Resource from ProSymmetry. In August 2022 ProSymmetry’s Tempus Resource has been included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting.