Business Agility = Enterprise Agility = Workforce Agility

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Business Agility & Transformation

No matter what PPM maturity level your company is operating, or what task you are currently dealing with: Transformation, digitilization, agilization, reorganization or restructuring … one logic is timeless:

Only those organizations that can actively control their spine – their resources – can act efficiently and respond agilely to change as an entire unit.

Resource transparency is therefore a basic prerequisite for potential adaptation as an organization against a background of constant change – and above all to do it quickly. This is the basic definition of “business agility”, and it summarizes what we’re all striving for through agile transformation. Those who gain sovereignty in this area will be able to master any form of transformation better and faster in future.

If you want to transform your business, you need to transform your workforce, because companies are made up of people.

Valkeen Expertise | Business Agility Framework

This part of our services is dedicated to implementing true business agility. Business agility means so much more than agile project implementation and scaling to enterprise level: It enables innovation, flexibility and transformation of an entire organization.

The organization is your workforce and this is where we come in. The three pillars of our Business Agility Framework include:

  • Culture

    To what extent is the cultural and digital model of the workforce – top down – present in your organization? And is your CXO its driver?

  • Capacity

    How does your organization manage the limited funds? And is it aware that, in addition to budgets, these are particularly the capacities and skills of the employees?

  • Conversion

    What processes, methods and tools does your company use to convert the potential of your employees into concrete products and future business value?