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Marc Neckermann, CEO of Valkeen, launched the European Resource Management Conference with a look at how Resource Portfolio Management is the true enabler of what organizations need during this time of major global changes: business agility.

In his presentation, Neckermann digs into why resources are the new critical path, especially given the changes wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Already documented changes to work have greatly accelerated, propelling us toward what Neckermann calls a “new work order.” Today, the rise of remote work has become a permanent feature of the landscape. An internal analysis by Xerox Palo Alto Research Center concludes that, “future corporations will consist of a digital, core talent base. The rest will be provided from an independent cloud of temporary and mobile resources.”

How well prepared are organizations for all this change? The answer lies in their Resource Management capabilities, which are the key to thriving in the “new work order” with business agility.

“Resource Portfolio Management is the ability to utilize resources most efficiently and globally for the delivery of strategy by matching resource supply and demand (top-down and bottom up) while deriving a skill-based strategic HR plan.”

Marc Neckermann

Beyond simply agile frameworks, Neckermann stresses that real agility is embedded into every level of the company. At Valkeen, Resource Portfolio Management is a three-layered approach, including Strategic (long-term planning), Operative (day-to-day functions), and Cultural (each resource’s humanity). Moreover, RPM is part of a four-pronged approach that coordinates Portfolio Management, Project Management, Process Management, and Resource Management, all in order to create, deliver, and capture value while rolling with external changes.

Resource Portfolio Management (RPM)

Ultimately, people are your agents of innovation, transformation, growth, and agility. Therefore, companies need PPM with RPM capacities, in order to find the most efficient and effective allocation of all resources (money and capacities), who are the true critical path.

What does a roadmap to RPM rollout look like? Neckermann offers 12 concrete steps:

  1. Define resources’ high-level roles
  2. Assign FTEs to roles
  3. Prioritize your capacity plan on portfolio level
  4. Assess feasibility: only start projects that are feasible
  5. Execute your first HR Plan: A supply and demand analysis based on roles
  6. Replace generic resources (roles) with named resources
  7. Compare plans vs. actuals to optimize your forecast
  8. Institutionalize process, governance, and tool (e.g. Tempus) via a RMO (Resource Management Office)
  9. Develop a multi-dimensional skills matrix
  10. Execute your second HR Plan: A supply and demand analysis based on skills
  11. Motivate your people (really, do this throughout)
  12. Achieve a dynamic skill strategy

Such a roadmap stands to offer organizations enhanced transparency, communication, speed, flexibility, strategic HR capabilities for workforce management such as retraining, satisfied customers, and satisfied employees. All of these are what a company needs in order to achieve true business agility.

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I’m very excited to open today’s conference with an intro presentation about the current necessity of resource management, and we will meet later today at 4:20 again where I, together with Elmar Lotz from Deloitte, will share insight of our project and how we transformed Deloitte’s PPM to a real RPM (Resource Portfolio Management).

Resource Portfolio Management or RPM is the new PPM? I don’t know, at least it should be a very important capability within the PPM division. The recent Corona crisis has again been another accelerator of what we call constant change. The latter is what we need to be prepared for as an entire organization and the means to do so is called business or enterprise agility. So why does business agility need resource management? I will try my best to onboard you on that in the next 15 to maybe 21 minutes.

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