Christian Rickenbacher (iART) and Marc Neckermann (Valkeen)

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One of VALKEEN’s recent implementations was with iART in Basel, Switzerland. iART is an international studio for media architecture, and their business is inherently project-based. Discover how Tempus Resource enabled iART to overcome the challenges they were facing in resource management, including:

  • Resources that are irreplaceable or bottlenecks
  • Unreliable planning cycles that quickly became outdated on mid- and long-term projects
  • Projects that need to combine a large number of heterogenous skill sets and competencies
  • and more!

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iART is an international studio for media architecture located in Basel, Switzerland. Their unique business model requires extreme flexibility for their employees who all bring diverse skill sets to multiple, concurrent projects. Because each individual resource is highly specialized, resource substitution is complex and optimized resource planning is crucial.

And, this past year, iART experienced exponential growth while striving to meet increasing demands for flexibility and continuous project changes. In the fall of 2019, iART looked to Tempus Resource as a reliable resource planning tool that could also serve as a foundation for ongoing business optimizations.

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We at VALKEEN know that whatever the future holds, be it reorganization, pandemics, recessions, new work, GEN-Z, cloud or AI, a full and transparent resource database is the foundation for constant change and the continuousNEXT.

How to ensure that the right resource is working on the right task at the right time? Find out here:


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